Melatonin Sleep Aid Review

melatonin sleep aid review

Welcome to Melatonin Sleep Aid Review, in this review I will give you my honest opinion about the melatonin sleep aid Dr Backhaus.

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I have had bad sleeping problems for years but never really thought it was much of a problem until it started effecting my spouse, I’m a night person and usually go to sleep around 1 or 2am. This doesn’t work well in a relationship. I needed to do something and didn’t want to take prescription drug medication.

I became educated on melatonin and how your body uses melatonin uk to control your natural “biological clock”. I found this interesting so I search for a natural supplement and sure enough it existed. I ran across a natural supplement called Dr Backhaus and the amazing thing is it started making me tired a few hours earlier then normal when I started taking it.

I don’t want to sound like a JACK!!!, and sell you something that doesn’t work. This product might not work for you and depending on the sleeping problems you have it may have absolutely no effect.

To be honest It didn’t do anything for me a first because I was taking the stuff around midnight and usually I’m getting tired around that time anyway. When I started taking the sleeping supplement around dinner time I notices I was getting tired around 10, 11 ish.


Using Dr Backhaus as a melatonin sleep aid allows you to train your body’s clock. That’s what makes this melatonin sleep aid so great, after a few month of taking it I don’t need the stuff any more. So that’s my story with Dr Backhaus like I said it may not be for You but its worth a shot, especially if the spouse is getting on you about your sleeping habits.