About Me

About Me

Hi my name is Brian Morgan

Welcome to my Alternative Medicine Resource site. If your reading this, you probably suffer from some sort of disorder like I used to. I have done several things this last year to find the best way to resolve my problem.

Though my problem was never that sever I just could never go to bed at the same time the wife wants us to go to bed, I’m a night owl, always have been.

After many arguments with the wife about me come in and waking her up when I went to bed I figured I should do something about It. I was completely against taking any sort of drug that would cause drowsiness or heavy prescription.

So, at first what I did was I tried a few different herbal pills that I got my local whole foods, and nothing worked. I then started working out at nights to run all the energy out of my system and prayed that working out would make me tired when I got home.

After a few trail and errors, I found Dr Backhaus after doing some research on how the body’s sleep clock works and found that melatonin is responsible for putting your body in sleep mode.

I started doing research on Alternative Medicine Resourceand to my discovery were products out there available for my needs. I started using Dr Backhaus which by the way is one hundred percent natural, took it for about 3 months along with my continued workout routine at night and it has worked like a charm. I don’t need to take anymore because I have trained my body over the past 3 months to go to sleep at a specific time.

One great thing I did notice is that a little increase in melatonin along with what my body produced put me in an awesome deep sleep every night. I would wake up feeling so refreshed it was unbelievable.